Network Rules

Viibe Network

Rules & Code of Conduct

The following rules and guidelines apply to all players and users of Viibe Network servers and their respective services. By using any Viibe Network service, you hereby agree to abide by and respect the following conditions. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to a permanent ban from all Viibe servers and services. All of the following rules and their enforcement are subject to staff discretion, as are scenarios not specifically outlined in the following document.

General Server Rules

 1. Respect other players. While banter and humorous conversation is expected, any and all forms of hate speech, racist or sexist remarks, excessively vulgar language, grotesque imagery, or otherwise inappropriate conversation is strictly prohibited.

 2. No use of hacks, mods, or otherwise beneficial gameplay-altering modifications are permitted. This includes, but are not limited to: X-Ray, fly hacks, auto-collectors or miners, etc. Visual mods such as OptiFine and texture packs are permitted. Exploits which do not use any external program or game modification but are intended to be game-breaking or advantageous may also face disciplinary action. Subject to staff discretion.

 3. Do not repeatedly and intentionally target or harass specific players for any reason. This includes spawn-killing, messaging, stalking, griefing, stealing, scamming, and other undesirable behaviors.

 4. Staff members are present to answer questions, resolve disputes, and enforce the rules of the server. Their decisions are considered final and must be respected, unless otherwise overturned. Disrespecting or insulting staff members is not tolerated.

 5. Don't threaten the server, staff members, or players, with hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, crashing exploits, or any other implications of harm.

 6. Do not advertise or self-promote on any server or on any Viibe service or account. This includes in-game, on Discord, and via our social media. 

SMP Specific Rules

 1. PvP, raiding, looting, griefing, and other such actions are allowed outside of claimed land, assuming such actions comply with the general server rules. However, griefing areas immediately outside of server-protected land, such as just beyond spawn, is not permitted. Trusting a player in your claim and then being betrayed by that same player does not entitle you to compensation for lost items or destruction. 

 2. Claims expire after 60 days of inactivity. If your claim expires, there will be no recourse if your items or stolen or your base is griefed.

 3. Players who have donated for an SMP rank are entitled to a market stall at the community market. Upon receiving your market plot, you have one week from the date of the plot creation to complete your stall. You are expected to keep your stall open and stocked, and to refill items within a reasonable amount of time. Stalls that are left abandoned or incomplete are subject to deletion.

Hardcore Specific Rules

 1. No spawn killing permitted. Players who have just loaded in to the server or have been released from jail are not be immediately killed before they can arm themselves. Engaging in this behavior will result in disciplinary action.

 2. There are no claims in hardcore. Raiding, griefing, pillaging, backstabbing, and other nefarious deeds are allowed. Behavior is expected to still comply with general server rules, but the nature of the server is recognized to be potentially unfriendly and hostile.

Build Specific Rules

 1. No lag machines of any kind. Your plot will be instantly cleared and will result in a permanent ban.

 2. Don't build inappropriate or grotesque imagery. 

Towny Specific Rules

     1. Do not abuse the bounty system in any form, such as claiming teammate bounties.